I want to be a software development.

I want to be a software development. the jobs there is are Job responsibly’s skills and education and experience.Job responsibly’s are you have to have a entire team to help you out,Software engineering to test out the program,design and test the software to see if there are eny bugs or glitches.

Skills that you need are coding so people can use the apps and can work,Planing to make it easy to visualize and see what can happen in the future.Test it because if you just send it out and what if it get’s broken and nothing works if you test it will be safer smoother.


Katniss and Tessie

essie and Katniss are different and same than each other.They are both the same in one way they both do it near the city hall. How ever Tessie is the one who died, but Katniss wins the game. Also Tessie doesn’t care about her kids dieing. But Katniss care’s about her sister so she volunteers.

Both Tessie and Katniss were in a lottery. how they both where in the lottery is Katniss sister got chosen so she volunteered.Tessie told to chose her daughter. They had bad government

Katniss hated the lottery and Tessie liked but lottery. Katniss said “I’m feeling nauseous and so despratly hoping that it’s not me, not me” This shows that Katniss hated the lottery.

Katniss protected her family but tessie not. Katniss said “I volunteer” i gasp “I volunteer as tribute” This shows that her sister saved her.But Tessie gave her daughter.

That’s how Tessie and Katniss are different and the same.They both where in the lottery but Katniss hated the lottery but Tessie did not. Katniss saved her sister but Tessie gave her daughter.

I hope you liked the write that i did.

Cesar Chavez

I think we should name the school Cesar Chavez . He protested on a nonviolent way. Also he was a civil right activist  who was fighting for people.Cesar got his Medal of Freedom.

Cesar Chavez protested to get people his votes backs.


I want to change this year. I will want to be a dj. Also want to read more. Lastly want to spend more time with others.

I want to be a dj. I will learn from my friends and cousins. Also I go to party’s with Eric because he knows how to use one. Lastly I will get light’s and dj stuff and party with friends.

I will spend more time reading. I will start reading more every day. Also I will read with my brother and teach them how to read with them. Lastly I will read all day with family.

I will spend more time with others. I will want to spend time with my family. Also I will invite my friends.

I’m going to change this year.  I’m going to be a dj and read more want to spend time with others I will complicate these goals.


I am thankful for family.

it is cringe, funny loving.

i see my dad, mom, brother and other brother.

I love how we make fun of each other

I am thankful for family

i feel happy when i eat

Lottery Character

Mr. Adams said to old man warner who stood next to him that over in the north village they talk of giving up the lottery. Old man warner snorted pack of crazy fools nothing’s good for them. This shows that warner is upset say’s if about giving up the lottery. I conclude that warner feels angery about the lottery.


I love word peace

people should have shelter

Rich people should give poor people food or a home. We should give poor people jobs because they would make money.

We should have no guns.

we should have no guns because it harms other people. Only police officers should have guns.

We should not bully others. If someone is get bullied you should stop them. Or tell a teacher. And make that bully a not bully.

World peace is love.

after school party

If i stayed at a party with my friends i would just talk with them and play around with them. I would want play soccer and have drinks and snacks and just talk and play other games. do hunn yuhh war.

Nature Walk

I was on a nature walk. First there was a Bunch of thorns all over my legs. After that we were next to a river. Lastly there was a lot of trees every were.

The thorns. When i first saw the thorns i was like nope. Then when i step on them they hurt. It looked like a cat fest happened.

Trees. The trees was old and really tall. There was cob webs every were on the trees. And there was vine on the trees.

River. The river had a river dam. Water was not good and t was really hot. I saw leaves and trees things on the water.